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Visit of Delville Wood



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Captain Harry W.M. BAMFORD

Adjudant of the 2nd SAI

Recommended for the DSO. Wounded through his cheeks on the 16th July.

In April 1918, commanded the South African Composite Battalion then, as lieutenant-Colonel, the reconstituted 2nd SAI. Wounded on the 8th October 1918.

Lieutenant Robert BEVERLEY

2nd SAI, A Coy

Recommended for a night reconnaissance of Trônes Wood on the 11th July 1916 with Private J. Dinnes (MM). Wounded on the 18th July.

Lieutenant William Denham CHARLTON

4th SAI, B Coy

Recommended for his action at Bernafay Wood on the 9th July 1916. Slighty wounded, he repeatedly went out, with Private Quinton, under heavy fire to bring in wounded men.

Second Lieutenant Garnet George GREEN

2nd SAI, C Coy

Recommended for his exemplary conduct at Delville Wood. Wounded on the 18th July. Was of the last South African group relieved on the 20th July at Delville Wood.

Won a bar to his MC at Arras in April 1917. Promoted Captain in January 1918.

Killed in action at Gauche Wood on the 22nd March 1918. Commemorated on Pozières Memorial, Somme.

Lieutenant Lovell  GREENE

2nd SAI, C Coy

Slightly wounded at Bernafay Wood on the 10th July. Recommended for the DSO. On the 16th July, he sent forward in front of the trench line to observe the enemy movements and though severely wounded continued his duty for some hours.

In April 1918, as Captain, assumed command of the 2nd SAI at Messines and was awarded the DSO.

Captain M.B. LAWRIE

South African Medical Corps - 1st SA Field Ambulance

Recommended for his brilliant work at Longueval in which he had established an aid post.

Wounded at Ypres in September 1917. Won a bar to his MC.

Captain/Medical Officer Stephen  LIEBSON

South African Medical Corps - HQ 3rd SAI

Recommended for his brilliant work at Longueval . On the 15th and 16th July in Delville Wood, he had attended to the wounded with nothing but a small trench to shelter in. Wounded on the 16th but remained at his post in the aid post set up in Longueval. In some cases ennemy machine guns and snipers were within 50 yards of the aid post. Refused to evacuate Longueval during a British bombardment of the village and remained at the dressing station with four volunteers (Drummer R. Scott and Privates J. Maulden, W. Noble, R. Thompson).

Medical officer of the 4th SAI, he was killed in action on the 22nd March 1918 near Gauche Wood.

Commemorated on Pozières Memorial, Somme.

Lieutenant Brian Neill MacFARLANE

2nd SAI

Recommended for his conduct at Bernafay Wood and Trônes Wood. On the 9th July, he carried out a reconnaissance and was badly wounded, suffering from a fractured leg and continued to control his party.

Captain Albert William Harvey McDONALD

Adjudant 3rd SAI

Recommended for the DSO for his conduct at Delville Wood and Longueval from the 15th July to the 18th July. Wounded on the left arm, he remained at first at the HQ installed at Buchanan Street. He proceeded then to Longueval for reinforcements and ammunition where he was ordered to retire by the Medical Officer.

Wounded by shrapnel in the abdomen at Ypres on the 20th september 1917 and died of wounds the following day.

Rest in Peace in Nine Elms British Cemetery, Poperinghe, Belgium.

Second Lieutenant Edward James PHILLIPS

3rd SAI, attached to the Trench Mortar Battery

Recommended for the DSO. With the Light Trench Mortar Battery personnel (3 officers and 75 other ranks), was sent in the wood on the 18th July as infantry reinforcements. During two days, they helped to repulse several ennemy attacks. Phillips was wounded on the 19th July.

Was of the last South African group relieved on the 20th July at Delville Wood.

Mortally wounded at the Butte de Warlencourt on the 13th October 1916. Died on the 16th. Rest in peace in Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme.

Captain Thomas Hesketh ROSS

4th SAI, B Coy

Recommended for the DSO for his bravery and leadership at Waterlot Farm and in Delville Wood.

Wounded on the 18th October 1916 at the Butte de Warlencourt. Killed in action near Arras on the 3rd April 1917.

Rest in Peace in Faubourg d'Amiens Cemetery, Arras.

Lieutenant J.L. SHENTON

Signalling Officer of the 4th SAI

Recommended for his conduct at Bernafay Wood and Trônes Wood. Wounded on the foot on the 10th July 1916 when returning from restoring communications between Trônes Wood and Dublin Trench as he came across the open under heavy fire.

Lieutenant Sydney Wallis Elliot STYLE

1st SAI, D Coy

Acting adjudant of the 1st SAI, he heard that a number of wounded men had been lying for 24 hours in the trench occupied by the 3rd SAI. Under great difficulties he found some stretcher-bearers and led them through the wood. While helping to bring out the wounded, Style was severely wounded on the throat.

After his convalescence leave at home, he returned in France and served in the Staff of the Brigade. Awarded the French Médaille Militaire.

Died in 1926.

Captain Tom WELSH

1st South African Field Ambulance, South African Medical Corps

Mortally Wounded on the 12th April 1917 near Arras.

Rest in Peace in Athies Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas-de-Calais.

Company Sergeant Major James WILSON

4th SAI, B Coy

Recommended for the DCM. On the 18th July at Delville Wood and Longueval, he personally carried orders to detached posts under heavy fire and led stretcher-bearers to exposed wounded. He showed great energy, coolness and resource.

Regimental Sergeant Major, he was killed in action on the 9th October 1918.

Rest in Peace in Bertry Communal Cemetery, Nord.