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Visit of Delville Wood



Somme, France

Cyrus Henry EMERY

Grave III.H.29.

Husband of Theresa Ellen Emery, of 24, East St, Belgravia, Johannesburg. Native of Australia (Source : C.W.G.C.).

Died on the 22nd October 1916 of wounds received in front the Butte de Warlencourt. In the night of the 12-13th October, the 3rd S.A.I. relieved the 2nd and 4th S.A.I. which had suffered heavily during the attack on Snag and Tail Trenches. A new trench (Pearse's Trench) was dug and a patrol was sent on reconnaissance on The Pimple in the hands of the Germans. On the 14th October, the B Coy took The Pimple and a considerable part of the German communication trench. The B Coy was relieved by the A Coy in the night of the 15-16th October. The casualties of the 3rd S.A.I. amounted to 38 men. During the night of the 18-19th October, a company of the 3rd S.A.I. moved forward to the front line in Pearse's Trench. At 4 a.m. of the 19th October, Germans launched an assault with flame-throwers, driving the South Africans to their original front line. At noon on the 19th, a company of the 3rd S.A.I. entered Snag Trench and attempted in vain to advance towards The Nose. The South Africans were relieved in the night of the 20th-21st October.